Wednesday, July 11, 2018

La Real Sociedad

Today, after the first exam, we set out to Zubieta to tour the training grounds of Real Sociadad, San Sebastian's local soccer team that plays in the top division.  The team was there training so we were able to see them run through drills.  A couple of their junior coaches had our boys do some training as well.  We then enjoyed some grilled chicken at a well known place right by the training grounds.  Each boy also received a jersey with their name on the back.

Sociedad gastronómica

After classes, some boys went on an optional walk to Chillida's Combs of the Wind sculptures and then up a funicular to an amusement park with a beautiful view.  We then all cooked and ate at a Basque men's cooking club.  An Austrian Assist student from a couple of years ago visited us from Bilbao, where he was staying with his grandparents.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Cesta punta (Jai Alai)

Today's activity was learning about the evolution of the Basque Jai Alai.  We then saw two professionals play and then they showed our boys how to throw.  On the way we saw the professional soccer team's stadium- Real Sociedad's Anoeta stadium.